Cub Run Cave opened July 1, 2006, after being sealed for more than 50 years. Our cave offers a beautiful half-mile tour on an elevated wooden walkway (easy walking) cascaded with thousands of beautiful formations, such as flow stone, cave bacon, cave popcorn, rim stone dams, cave corals, stalactites and stalagmites. In addition to the formations, we also have a natural pool that was formed by a dip from the cave ceiling. Cub Run Cave has the distinction of being one of the four caves in the United States to have the rare formation called Box Work.

Your group also may have the chance to see elusive cave crawfish, salamanders, crickets and three types of bats (big brown, small brown and Eastern Pipestrelles).

We hope that you will consider Cub Run Cave for your next field trip. Learn about the different programs we offer here. And while you're here, we hope that you'll visit our gift shop and game room. We look forward to sharing our unique cave with you.

Field Trip Rates

GradesTour onlyTour and lunch

Teachers and staff are free. Adult chaperones are an additional $10 for the tour and $14.50 for tour.

For more information on visiting, call (270) 524-1444 for cave information.